Top 5 domestic games of misfortune that were ahead of their time


TOP 5. S4 League, Hyper TPS ahead of its time

S4 League, developed by Pentavision, is a TPS game that started service in 2007. It was a game with many differentiating elements such as illustration, music, and unique design, but at the time, shooting games were dominated by sudden attack and special force, so it did not see much light. Still, most of the shooting games released at the time did not survive several years and sank, but thanks to the highly loyal mania user base, the service was able to be maintained for 11 years until 2018.

If you look at the S4 League from the point of view of 2022, ‘Is this really a 2007 game?’ The concept of giving priority to performing touchdown missions rather than killing enemies was only popularized in Overwatch, and it was not until much later that the genre of hyper TPS became popular, so it did not have much success except in some parts of Europe. Even now, there are many users who comment that there is no game that can match the stylish action and fast pace unique to the S4 League.

TOP 4. Fortress 2, announcing the era of free online games

PC online games started with the kingdom of the wind, followed by MMORPGs such as Lineage, Legend of Mir, and Legend of Darkness. Looking at overseas cases, RPGs such as Ultima Online, Everquest, Diablo, and Majesty were the mainstream. Another thing they have in common is that it was a paid game, and it was true that there were only paid game models represented by packages or flat-rate until Quiz Quiz introduced a partially paid BM.

In the meantime, Fortress 2, which appeared in 1999, was definitely unique. The genre itself was unique for its time as a turn-based tactical action game, but the biggest feature was that it was a free game and introduced a paid PC room model for the first time. Users cheered for the unprecedented business model, and PC room owners collectively protested. In fact, there is an anecdote that when PC room owners came to protest, CCR employees at the time left the office and took refuge in a nearby PC room to work. In addition, even though it is a free game, due to limitations of the times, additional BMs such as in-game advertising systems and paid items were not activated, so the business performance was relatively low compared to the popularity of the time.

TOP 3. Shoe series, the best brand that Flash can produce

If you are a gamer who spent your childhood in the 2000s, there is a character that everyone knows. It is ‘Shu’. Starting with iBurabo, a number of Shu series were serviced as flash games by Yahoo Naughty and Junior Naver. With 30 to 40 games coming out, the worldview of Shu has been properly established.

However, there are predictions that if the Shoo series came out a little later, it would have grown into a much more influential series than then. Due to the nature of flash games, it was difficult to insert a profit model, so if we had created a platform by continuously producing content centered on mobile since 2010, we would have been able to continue the series while achieving great business results with the game itself. regret remains Of course, it’s an unanswerable assumption like ‘If a singer who had a hit in the past came out now, would he be able to hit more?’

TOP 2. Fourip, it was a society, not a game

Softmax’s 4leaf, released in 2000, was a fairly experimental attempt. Rather than being a simple game, it was a platform that included chatting, avatars, and mini-games based on the Children of the Rune IP. It was like a society, hosting music broadcasts in the chat room, building a community and building friendships, and enjoying the afterimage game of dice. Although it faced the path of downfall due to the failure of the web migration and game portal conversion.

Until now, chat-based communication platforms that are so lightweight and immersive are rare. It is regrettable that if this platform had come out a little later, it would have been possible to make more diverse attempts. It could have increased accessibility and profitability based on mobile, or it could have been combined with the metaverse. If the porip continued to survive and develop, I think it would have evolved in that way.

TOP 1. Embracing the Romance of the Three Kingdoms, cross-play 10 years ago?

Endorses received a poor evaluation compared to the expectations of having the Three Kingdoms, which started official service in 2012, but it is a work that early introduced the system that has become popular as of 2022. Cross-play was supported on PC, mobile, and tablet devices without separate installation. Cross-play has become common now, but it was a very encouraging achievement to introduce it 10 years ago.

At the time, it was an embrace of the Three Kingdoms, a bold challenge that few companies could even attempt, but there were too many walls to overcome, perhaps because it was too ahead of the times. As we tried to capture the game and user response at the same time by breaking through the technical problems that occurred in the early days of cross-platform, we ended up with the unfortunate result of missing out on several rabbits. Although the ending was not good, it is a game of misfortune that cannot but be acknowledged for its pioneering move.

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